Men’s Health Week -It’s okay to seek help

14 Jun 2021 Jacob Cass

Men’s Health Week is dedicated to spreading awareness of preventable health problems and seeks to change perceptions of mental health within or community. This week our network is calling all men and boys to the front and encouraging them to speak up about their mental health and to seek support from those around them. These conversations will be key in breaking down stigma surrounding mental health and to redefine what it means to be a strong man. This week we want to remind all our students that it is okay to seek help and if you are in need of support and advice our door is always open. 

All our students are important so why are we just promoting men’s health this week?  

 On average, in Australia, one in eight men will experience depression and one in five will experience anxiety with many never speaking up about how they are feeling. Men, on average, make up seven out of every nine suicides every day in Australia. Men are more likely to suffer from lifestyle-related health conditions than any other gender. So why are men suffering? In 2016 an article, published in Australian Family Physician, found; 

  • men were less likely than women to have a family doctor or a GP 
  • 71% of men, aged 15-44, attended their local GP once in a period of a year 
  • men, compared with any other gender, were found to not to have taken as much notice of their mental and physical health  
  • health services were not as well versed to interact with men effectively, leading to men delaying care, only seeking help when a condition has become far more serious. 

 Wrap around well-being support 

 Here at the CUC network, we want to see all our students achieve their best. This means, staying healthy to be able to take on the stresses of online study. To support our students we offer wrap around support that includes not only assistance in academic studies but also well-being support. All our Centre Managers are trained in mental health first aid, have connections with local services that can provide ongoing assistance, and always have time to talk through any issues a student may be facing.  

 How can you take action this Men’s Health Week?  


  • Book a check-up with your local GP 
  • Reach out to your support network if you feel stressed or anxious 
  • Take the time to fit things into your day that you love, like hobbies and family time 
  • Go for a walk and breath some fresh air
  • Be mindful and conscious about eating healthily 
  • Check in with your friends, family and colleagues to see if they are okay 
  • Check in with you local CUC Centre Manager if you would like to have a chat. 


For more information: 

If you are feeling down, withdrawn, anxious or feel like you need to speak with someone, book into your GP or reach out to a free service such as:  

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